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          Smiths Local Branch Finder

          The UK's leading stockholder
          of engineering metals & plastics

          Smiths Metal Centres Ltd is a world class supplier of metals and plastics into a broad range of engineering and industrial applications. Our customers operate in a wide variety of sectors and often have differing purchasing requirements. Our aim is to offer all our customers, from the small machine shop to large multi-national corporation, a supply path that continuously provides the highest levels of service, quality and value.

          We are the only UK multi-metal and plastics stockholder to have a fully equipped UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory which forms part of our Technical Services Department. Formed in 1998, our laboratory adds considerable value to our business in terms of the testing methods available and the unrivalled support we are able to offer our customers.

          We also offer our customers' Bespoke Supply Packages which are designed to promote the maximum in supply chain efficiency whilst reducing costs. Our unique infrastructure allows us to provide this by combining our broad stock range with a suite of value added services. Our approach to metal stockholding in the UK is built around eight core principles which set us apart from other stockholders.

          Call Smiths Metal Centres today on 0845 527 3331

          Stock Range

          Investment in the widest range of stock materials possible

          Business Systems

          In-house systems that set the strictest possible controls


          Our Quality System is embedded in all our procedures


          Across a wide range of industries & applications

          Bespoke Supply

          Supply chain efficiency with packages tailored to suit you

          Product Quality

          We search the world to find the best suppliers for all our products

          Service Centres

          Offering local stock with local expertise

          Business Structure

          Structured to offer fast, efficient delivery

          Our Materials

          We search the world to find the best suppliers of all the products we sell - suppliers that share our vision of quality and service. We develop long term agreements with our suppliers and continuously monitor all our supply chains. This ensures consistency in both product performance and stock availability.

          We stock thousands of individual products and offer an extensive selection of shapes and sizes - it is this breadth and variety of stock which defines us as one of Europe's leading metal stockholders.

          To view our extensive stock range of engineering materials please click here

          Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking - 2017 Statement

          To view our policy statement on the Modern Salvery & Human Trafficking Act, please click here.


          Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our ISO, Aerospace and UKAS accredited status as well as the industry recognised approvals we hold - these include over 40 customer approvals throughout the group including Airbus, AgustaWestland, BAE Systems and Bombardier

          Have a question or need a detailed quote?

          Our staff are ready to take your call. For all supply and technical enquiries call us today
          on 0845 527 3331 or click here to contact us.

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